Tuesday, 29 June 2010

No.50 Humpty Dumpty bento

Phew! Last night's storm and heavy rain really cooled everything down. I slept a little better for it, I think. I skipped making a bento blog post yesterday, since I only had to make a bento for my son (my daughter had a school trip), and his bento, although still pretty and fun, wasn't very photogenic. It was marmite dolphin sandwiches with cheese slice dolphins in between and a fruit layer.

Today's bento took a little more time to prepare and in my opinion is a little more interesting than yesterday's. I began without inspiration, just cooking up boiled eggs as the main ingredient and thinking over what I could do with them. After I told my sister that the base would be egg, she suggested Humpty Dumpty! Thank you, Sis. All the ingredients just came together quite nicely then, really.

Under the lettuce I have some sliced tomatoes and a dollop of humous to mix in and make a dressed salad after the egg is gone. Humpty is of course a boiled hen's egg, with hand cut carrot arms and legs and food colouring features. The wall underneath him is a very thin slice of sesame tofu, that already had that grid pattern on it. The King's horsie is cut out from brie cheese, with food colouring features put on with a toothpick. In the fruit layer are satsuma pieces, strawberries and seedless grapes. I'll pack a granola bar and a Big Pot Petits Filous, too.

All in all, I'm quite happy with it!

On the bird front, because we're ALWAYS bird spotting in mornings and afternoons, we saw a magnificent Jay the other day, while stopping to talk to our dog walking friend. It was gorgeous. We've also been spotting some very young birds indeed, all new and naive and still a bit fluffy. We've had a few escargot to rescue today after last night's rains and we've also been seeing plenty of butterflies.

Tomorrow there is going to be a teddy bear's picnic at school, and parents are encouraged to bring in their own teddies as well. I'm taking one of my old favourites 'Efnisien Gwrtheyrn' (I used to name my toys from the Mabinogion). He has a very large brown nose made from embroidery thread that I stitched on when I was eleven years old after his three-strands-of-wool nose came loose. I still think I did a good job of it now, looking at it as an adult. There will be cakes and tea at the school picnic and a violin recital from my son. I'm very excited about it!


  1. Cute! Love your theme idea and the really creative horse ^-^

  2. Love this! You did even the king's horse!! :)

  3. Very cute! I wish my girl would eat hard boiled eggs. I even tried quail eggs but she wouldn't even try them.

  4. You Humpty Dumpty is fab! I love how you caught his expression just before his great fall! The King's Horse is lovely too! Good Luck for the violining at the picnic! Have a great time! :o)

  5. Thank you for your great comments everyone! Poor Humpty, he looks so shocked to find himself slipping off the tofu wall. A shame that your girl won't eat eggs, Michele, they can be a handy source of good protein for lunches and they're full of potential for 'dressing them up'. I don't eat eggs myself, but the children have always enjoyed them. :-)



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