Thursday, 17 June 2010

No.44 'Sala(d)mander' bento

Last bento of the week! Meet the Sala(d)mander. I had leftover tofu and asparagus teriyaki noodle stirfry for tomorrow's bento boxes (seen here under the cucumber) and I wanted to get away from using cheese to decorate. Some cucumber carving seemed like a good idea, and this amphibian shape is what I ended up with! My daughter walked in and said "Ooo, a salamander! Or Mum, a saladmander!" So now that awesome name she gave it has stuck and we're really pleased with the two I made. I've put a sprig of lamb's lettuce in too and coloured the cutout bits in the cucumber saladmander with ketchup. In the fruit salad layer, by request, I've chopped mango, strawberries and kiwi. My daugther said she wanted to eat it right there and then, even though she had eaten a big bowl of my noodle stirfry for dinner!

They'll have Hoola Hoop crisps and a Big Pot Petits Filous to go with this tomorrow.

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