Wednesday, 16 June 2010

No.43 'Dojo Pride' bento

Good evening, bento world. Tonight's bento is not terribly sophisticated I'm afraid, but I know the children will LOVE it. Tonight was our Karate night and we've been feeling a lot of 'Dojo Pride' (hence the title!). We're very new to Karate, but we're determined to be good students. I want the three of us to benefit not only from the martial art itself, but also from the traditions, discipline and deeply respectful environment. The children and I talked about how storming through belt ranking is not what we're hoping for from Karate. I look a little inspiration from what I've read about the founder of the Dojo and discussed how possessing 'good' Karate, even if that is just a very few moves that are very well formed and strong, is what we should really be proud of. It all seemed to sink in very well.

So, in honour of our Dojo and to put a smile on the children's faces at lunch time tomorrow, I re-created the Seki Ryu Zan Dojo banner. The banner itself is cheese and underneath they have vegemite sandwiches, lamb's lettuce and pimento stuffed green olives. In the second layer they have carrot cake and strawberries.

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