Sunday, 6 June 2010

No.35 'Blue Skies' bento

Back to bento! Half term break is over and school lunches are back. Today my husband made another of his Mexican meals, so the protein for tomorrow's lunch comes from a small portion of vegetarian chilli topped with a little grated cheese. Rather that add the salsa and salad how I did the last time I created a Mexican bento, I decided to go for rice. 

I was a bit hard pressed on how to get creative with this one, but at the last minute added a tiny splash of blue food colouring to the rice while it was cooking, so that I could make it a blue sky background. We've had gorgeous blue skies all through half term break. One of my new cutters is a sweet little aeroplane, so I cute a few little fajita wrap planes and then hand cut little baskets to add to half cherry tomato hot air balloons (This is one of two identical bentos). I'm fairly happy with the result. To add detail to the wrap pieces I used a tooth pick with the tip dipped in black food colouring. Now that I look at the pictures I'm seeing what looks like a pencil drawing. I like that. In the fruit layer I've put some mini wedges of a VERY scrummy watermelon we got this week and some kiwi slices. Mmm. 


Awww, the children and I, as always, are sad that school break is over. The next break is the eight week long Summer holidays though, and I think we only have five or six weeks of school left before we get to them! 

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