Sunday, 31 October 2010

No.70 Halloween Monster Sandwich bento

It's Halloween! I had planned to keep some of my Halloween party food for Monday's bento but the little people gobbled it all up. Instead I have created a Halloween monster sandwich out of a triangular seeded wholemeal roll. The sandwich has cheese and vegemite, with a red pepper tongue and eyes salvaged from tonight's chilli. In the second layer there is the ubiquitous satsuma that appears in nearly all of my son's bento (yes, he REALLY likes them), with this one made into a mini pumpkin with some chocolate sauce features and a bit of lettuce for a stalk. I have also added one of the marzipan tombstones and a marzipan zombie hand from our Halloween party cake.

And, of course, a picture of our Halloween party cake!

No.69 Nine Simple School Bento Ideas

It has been cake season in my kitchen for the past two months! A time of year where most of the family and our friends have their birthdays and other small celebrations requiring cake. All the baking and associated cooking really made a dent in my bento creation time. That didn't stop the bento, but it did stop me from spending so much time getting decorative with them. The following are a selection of the simple but nutritious bento that I have made recently.

1. Falafel pita bento

Falafel and salad mini pita wedges with carrot and cheese. Satsuma slices and dried banana in the second layer.

2. Cottage cheese pita bento

Cottage cheese and salad pita wedges with mandarin orange segments and a cheese and onion roll in the second layer.

3. Spicy vegetable samosa bento

Sliced spicy vegetable samosa with carrot, satsuma segments, dried banana and a Frusli bar.

4. Jammy heart bento

Jam sandwich hearts on wholemeal bread, dried cranberries and banana, melon wedges and a satsuma.

5. Veggie sausage and cheese roll bento

A vegetarian sausage, cheese roll, strawberries, dried banana and a Humzinger fruit bar.

6. Tomato pasta bento

Pasta twirls in tomato and garlic sauce, cheese cubes, Quorn vegetarian nuggets and a second layer of dried banana chips.

7. Pesto pasta bento

Basil pesto pasta with satsuma, dried cranberries and mini Oreo cookies in the second layer.

8. Mini samosa and pesto potato bento

Mini vegetable samosas with baby new potatoes in green pesto, melon wedges and satsuma.

9. Cheesy tomato pasta bento

Cheesy tomato pasta bento with green seedless grapes and satsuma.


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