Tuesday, 22 May 2012

No.105 'Sack Boy' Bento

Recently my children have been playing the 'Little Big Planet' game for Playstation. I have to admit, although it's not the sort of game I enjoy playing, I have developed a fondness for it. The game's graphics, music and playability are not only wonderful but it also presents quite a gentle virtual environment. The character 'Sack Boy' that a player takes on is very endearing! My children particularly enjoy customising his looks as they go along.

As a surprise for little t's bento tomorrow I have created a little Sack Boy for him. A spicy couscous bed and a cauliflower pakora Sack Boy with tomato, cucumber and carrot embellishments and Vegemite eyes. In the second layer is a three fruit salad of mango, kiwi and strawberry. He's going to love it!


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