Wednesday, 31 August 2011

No.92 Vegan 'Back to School' Bento

This is my little son's back to school bento for tomorrow. It was really lovely getting my bento cutters and boxes out this evening to make him a special meal. I feel refreshed after the holiday and ready to get greater enjoyment out of bento again. Not that I've ever found making bento a chore, far from it, it's a pleasure, just that I had lost inspiration for 'art' bento by the end of last school year. My bento had become more functional than artistic. 

In tomorrow's bento, little t has lemon and coriander cous cous decorated with daisies made from flat bread, spring onion and carrot. In his second layer he has celery and carrot sticks and a small pot of Mayola (vegan mayonnaise). In his snack box, to the left, he has carob coated raisins and banana chips. He'll have those for his break. I'll be including a pot of fruit puree for his dessert, also. It only took me ten minutes to put this together and the only tool I used was a small flower cutter. I like the simplicity of it. Simple, clean food designs can be the prettiest in most cases I think.

My daughter, Big T, is now moving on to secondary school, so she has decided to give up bento and start having hot school meals. I'm comfortable with that because we've discussed her responsibility for keeping her meals and portion sizes healthy. We'll see how it goes. I'm so excited for both of my children starting new school year chapters. Because little t is going back to school earlier than Big T this year, Big T and I are going to have a Mummy and daughter day tomorrow! Happy times! We're going to go for fancy fruit smoothies at a cafe in the morning, then we're getting our hair cut and styled, followed by a trip to buy our favourite magazines and meeting Daddy for lunch. Could there be a better plan? I don't think so!


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