Friday, 23 March 2012

No.103 'Rabbits in the flower bed' bento

Hello all! Spring is upon us. I always think that Winter is my favourite season but I can't help getting a bit excited by the beauty of Spring blossoms, the return of all things green and new life springing up all over the place. The view from the back of our house looks over the gardens all up the street, now wonderfully in bloom. There are tiny, leaping rabbits running through the flower beds every day. Even though I am quite poorly and out of action at the moment because I've had my second wisdom tooth out, I can't help but smile at the cheeky baby rabbits somersaulting crazily back and forth.

Today's bento has rabbits in the flower beds, too. A bed of mediterranean spiced tomato cous cous with juicy tomato flowers, spinach leaves and carrot rabbits. The second layer has pickled gherkins and three tiny tomato puff pastry rolls. This bento is going to be on show today at little t's school because he is giving a talk about bento as an assessment. He has practised a wonderful talk about the origins of bento making and how our family enjoy our bento creations. He will present his own meal as part of the talk and he has a large colourful board with pictures of our bento all over it along with some bento facts. I am so proud of him.


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