Friday, 1 June 2012

No.106 Tofu Wiener Octopus and Spirulina Rice

For tomorrow's bento for little t I have made some super-healthy rice! One cup of rice cooked in my rice cooker with just a quarter of a teaspoon of Spirulina and a half teaspoon of white pepper for seasoning made this gorgeously green coloured rice. I have used the green rice to create an ocean scene, with a hand carved carrot crab, rocket leaf seaweed and tofu wiener octopuses. In the dessert layer he has nectarine and pitted cherries. 

To create the tofu wiener octopuses chop the wieners in half and slice through one half of each piece, four times, creating the tentacles. Boil the pieces for a couple of minutes to fluff out the tentacles. The eyes are drawn using a toothpick and some vegemite and the little mouths are thin strips of carrot.


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