Sunday, 20 June 2010

No.45 'Caterpillar' bento

Usually, finding a huge wriggly caterpillar in your lunch box is an unpleasant experience, but who wouldn't love this cute little guy! Luckily, he's also a sandwich. Today's bento is a cheese and piccalilli finger roll, with the top half sliced and filled in with cucumber segments to give it that 'creepy crawly' look. Underneath there are just a few pieces of lamb's lettuce (which my son enjoys quite a bit). In the second layer today, instead of fruit, I've put vegan worcester sauce flavoured couscous and a couple of vine cherry tomatoes.

The fruit layer is now in a second little box and they have some lovely morello cherries. I'll also send in a cereal bar for break time.


  1. Cute Caterpillar ^-^
    And couscous is so delicious ;)

  2. Totally agreed with you on this cute caterpillar! I love the way you used cucumber to make the segments! :)

  3. Happy New Year Miloko! I got a Strawberry bento box now and it reminded me of yours! Sending Best Wishes from Germany!

  4. Happy New Year to you Asfora! Our strawberry box is still our firm favourite. All the best to you!



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