Wednesday, 23 June 2010

No.47 'Rainbow birds' bento

Hello all! I missed making a decorative bento yesterday for the first school day in along time. I have posted the bento that I did provide at the bottom of this post. Despite it's undecorated state I am informed that it was none-the-less delicious. I have provided similar ingredients today in the form of a slice of broccoli and gruyere cheese quiche, with a portion of vegan worcester sauce flavoured couscous replacing yesterday's pesto pasta. The rainbow birdies are cut from a cheese slice, simply inspired by our many bird experiences lately. In the fruit layer are pineapple rings and seedless green grapes.

As I have written separately, we are the carers of a year old, hand reared Wood Pigeon by the name of Sammy. He hasn't been the only bird in trouble that we have brought home in the past year. A month or so back we found another young fledgling pigeon injured and dehydrated. That one was a 'feral' pigeon as they are known. Domestic pigeons that have found a place for themselves, and bred, in the wild. I took it home and provided emergency care and attention, but even with my best efforts the little creature (beautifully feathered in white and brown) died before the day was through.

I'm sad to say that we had a similar experience yesterday, when I brought home a very sickly, flightless Carrion Crow fledgling. Again I provided emergency care, rehydration fluid and a great deal of love, but the little guy passed away at the end of the day. I can only hope that the ones who don't survive my 'rescue' have at least been rested and their distress soothed before they go. Each one leaves myself and the children very saddened, but I firmly believe that my efforts are a lesson in compassion for my offspring.

There is a lot I could say about how the experience of raising a wood pigeon has altered my life, but using the fewest possible words I will only say that my life before The Bird was lacking in a special kind of richness and connection to the natural world.

And back to bento. The last image here is of yesterday's undecorated bento. Product of a very busy day indeed!

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