Thursday, 24 June 2010

No.48 'Gold medal' School Sports Day bento

Sports day! The children will be competing at their school's sports event tomorrow, so I wanted to provide them with a very filling and energy rich bento. For the little athletes' carbohydrate I made mini 'bread sushi' rolls by de-crusting and flattening with a rolling pin, several slices of bread. Then spreading them thinly with soya spread, vegemite or jam before rolling them tightly and cutting them into sections. There are two layers in each box. They also have crackers and cheese and some cubes of sesame tofu.

In the fruit layer I've put some tangerine and halved grapes with a 'gold medal' Jaffa Cake! (writing icing for the lettering). That way, they'll be getting the gold even if they stagger in last. The third box has sweet animal shaped biscuits.

I can't wait to see them compete and to get out there and join in on the Mum's race, too!


  1. Those boxes are full of awesome! Wish them luck from me (the small people, not the bento boxes).

  2. Luck has been wished on your behalf! xx



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