Thursday, 3 June 2010

'Besto' pasta

Half term break from school has meant no bentos required for this week. Wow. I'm seriously missing my bento routine. The children and I had planned to make a picnic bento today, but discovered that it was so scorching hot outside that we'd prefer to eat indoors before we went  out to play. My daughter has been requesting pesto pasta for lunch all week and I've been a meanie and made alternative lunches with food that would otherwise spoil if left in the fridge. I don't like to be wasteful. But today, she got her pesto pasta wish! When I decorated it with our new bento cutter flower shape in cheese and cucumber, she immediately called it 'Besto' pasta. Which is why I wanted to share this meal on Bentovention. A little bit of bento leaked into our non-bento lunch and made it the best.

On our trip to the local botanical garden to play out and make dens, my daughter and I practised our 'Kihon Kata' movements to be ready for the next Karate belt grading that comes up. We're new to Karate, but very enthusiastic. My son wasn't interested in practising his Kata today, because he was having too much fun building pretend camp fires and roasting buttercups and daisies over them. Today was a busy day at the botanical garden, since they are getting ready to properly open up a newly built pond and planted walkway to visitors. The children and I went to inspect the pond and very pretty new borders. While we were looking for dragonflies it occurred to me that we were seeing as much of the pond today as visitors will see after the 'unveiling'. How do they intend to 'open' a pond? It just made me smile.


  1. Besto indeed, that's a great name for it! Hey Maybe the Mayor will jump in the pond for a swim ;-)

  2. I hadn't thought of that Asfora! Perhaps the Mayor will do a bit of skinny dipping through the tadpoles.



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