Wednesday, 9 June 2010

No.38 Ancient Egyptian bento

Rain again! Nice and refreshing. The weather has been behaving itself and only pouring down when we've reached the safety of indoors. Perfect. Many many escargot to rescue from the pavements today. Today's bento boxes came home empty, which I like to see. Even the dreaded lettuce had been eaten. I had an abundance of leftovers to get through, so instead of my own bento, I had a large pot of pasta for lunch. Looks like I'm having homemade vegetable stew for tomorrow...

And now for the bento! My daughter's class have been studying Ancient Egypt this term and the latest part of their work will be to put on a play depicting the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb at school tomorrow. I wanted to make an Egyptian bento, but by the afternoon, the only thing I had thought to put in it was a hand cut cheese sphinx. Then as I was fetching the cheese from the fridge and wondering what I would add with the rice, I found these mini vegetable samosas that I had forgotten I bought today! Pyramids! So in they went as a pyramid backdrop to my slightly dog-like sphinx. I'm pleased with the result. To use up further leftovers I put in the cucumber rounds from yesterday's cucumber flower shapes. There are two cherry vine tomatoes also, and a base  in the Egyptian section made from sushi rice. I can't wait to hear what my children think of it tomorrow!


  1. Wow, what an amazing idea to use the samosas as pyramids! Your Sphinx is really adorable too! Love the stripy Pharoah style headdress! :o)

  2. Thanks Asfora! I've got more samosas, so I'm thinking up other triangle ideas for tomorrow's bento. Hmm...sailboat maybe.



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