Tuesday, 15 June 2010

No.42 'Blue Rocket' bento

Oof, another bento made! I was having one of those "not...sure...I...can...drag...the...energy together...to...make...a...bento..." days. As usual though, once I set out my chopping board, cute cutters and ingredients I had a new lease of life! When will I learn? Bento is my happy time not my chore. Keep forgetting, silly me. I had it in mind that I wanted to make a kind of Tapas bento, with lots of nibbles including some lovely fresh coriander naan bread I had. To add the 'Kawaii' I took a look at my cutters and noticed the little carrot shaped one looked rather like a rocket when upside down. It reminded me of the hilarious "He Came From Outer Space!" t-shirt that my little boy wore for climbing this week, which prompted a discussion between him and his teacher about who came from outer space.

My boy: "Yes, he came from outer space."
Teacher: "Who did? Was it you?"
My boy: "No, it wasn't me, it was him."
Teacher: "Him?"
My boy: "Yes. Him. The one who came from outer space." Matter of factly.

I don't think you can beat a conversation with a seven year old for entertainment value. So there I was, looking at my upside down carrot space rocket and then I realised I could cut the naan with the star shaped cutter too. Intergalactic Tapas was born and this in the end result.

Cottage cheese at the top, with salad onion, pimento stuffed green olives and a cherry vine tomato. Partitioned off with lamb's lettuce are a few naan stars and a pot of humous with the little cheese rocket. In the fruit layer is chopped mango and strawberries. The children enjoyed their pear today, so I have another couple to pack with their lunch tomorrow. Super healthy! There'll also be a Petits Filous 'big pot'. They were on offer this week (can be quite an expensive yoghurt), so I've stocked up because they're yummy and I like them too.

I hosted the school Mums' coffee morning at the house today and had a great time chatting to everyone and making teas and coffees. It has been a while since I got everyone together like that, and with new additions to the school there were new faces than should have a proper friendly welcome. I was so pleased that so many turned up, despite fairly short notice. Our house is on the smaller side, but everyone found a spot to sit. I hope to have another morning like that again soon.

In other news, we had postcards from our friend who is visiting Scotland this week. She has been bird watching and reported back some sightings of Plover. We weren't sure what they were, so we Googled them and discovered that they are a lovely looking bird! What bird isn't lovely looking though? They live on the shore.

I have begun to have a small collection of photos my Big Sister sends me of her bento creations now. They are marvelous, she is so creative! She finds interesting shapes and patterns in food that I would not find myself. Really lovely work. She's a bit shyer than I am about showing them to the world though, so for now I will not post any up here. Keep up the great work though, Sis! I love to see them and also love knowing that our children share the bento love.

Great day. Very tired now...

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