Monday, 14 June 2010

No.41 'Sausage Dog' bento

This sausage dog bento is something I've wanted to try for a while. I think it might have turned out better had I used more contrast in the colour scheme, but it's not far off how I imagined it would be. My children and I always love seeing those miniature dachshunds or 'sausage dogs' with their proud little faces and cute, stubby legs. Whenever I see one I think "I wonder if I can make one out of nothing but a sausage". That may or may not be an odd thought to have, but I would not know, because I am the one that has it! Hurray! So this bento has my first and perhaps last attempt to make a dachshund out of a sausage. A vegetarian sausage in this case. No dachshunds or sausage-ingredient animals were hurt in the process.

Apart from the veggie sausage I made one of those cheese eyes I've been using for the past few lunches. Cut out with a straw and then coloured in the centre with a toothpick and some black food colouring. The rest of the ingredients are also quite yummy (we had some tasters while I was making it). In the base are fine noodles coated in Thai Sweet Chili sauce. The asparagus at the base (there's a little stack of them underneath it as well) was pan fried after being coated in sweet Teriyaki sauce. Delicious. Less fruit than usual in the second layer. I've put in half a very large strawberry and white chocolate muffin and some dried apricots. I'll pack a strawberry yoghurt to add to dessert and perhaps a juicy pear for break time.


  1. Hi Jesicca! How are you? I missed so many post of your bento. I admire your idea and for not afraid to try so many ways to create your bento :)

  2. Hello Lia! All fine with me, thank you. Hope that life is treating you well. Thank you for your lovely comments and for coming to Bentovention to take a look at the latest bentos!



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