Tuesday, 8 June 2010

No.37 'Jiji' Kiki's Delivery Service bento

Almost mid-week already! Wow. Yesterday's bento was reported back to have been very tasty, with the cute eyes on the 'soot balls' particularly loved. I decided to use the same shape for eyes in tomorrow's bento and stick with a Studio Ghibli theme. After reading Slinky Malinki with my son at bedtime (a favourite of ours that stars a mischievous black cat) I was reminded of Jiji, the black cat from Kiki's Delivery Service that has those same cute, wide little eyes. I only made the head, because my mature cheddar cheese slices are very crumbly and difficult to work with. The box below is my son's version, with slightly less salad than his sister's box, since he eats much less. The cheese slice Jiji is on top of two small marmite sandwiches, with finely chopped radish, lettuce, mini carrot sticks and cucumber flowers as salad. In the fruit layer is half a Jaffa orange and a sliced kiwi. I keep the cut-outs from the flower cucumber in a separate pot, no need to throw them away. My son and daughter will snack on them after school tomorrow. 

I rarely mention what I pack along with the bento, but I should get into the habit of doing so. Sometimes the bento on it's own is not enough to cover all the food needed for a full school day. I almost always pack a 'dessert' of some kind and a snack for break time. For instance, yesterday's snack was a box of animal shaped sweet biscuits and the dessert was a pot of tropical fruit in juice (lots of fruit yesterday!). Tomorrow's snack will be two slices of buttered fruit loaf and the dessert will be vanilla yoghurt.

Another rainy day today, so we had plenty of escargot to rescue to and from school! The bird life was mostly taking shelter though, so not many feathered friends made an appearance. At the weekend we were lucky enough to see two Partridges though, which were so pretty. It was only this morning that I looked them up in our bird book to find out what we'd seen.

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