Sunday, 13 June 2010

No.40 'Little Hen' bento

Monday has snuck up on me again! On Saturday we had a barbeque in my in-laws' garden and enjoyed many (many) vegeburgers. While moving some bricks to put under the barbeque tray, the children and I found a tiny ecosystem of insects and escargot. It was a beautiful day. The rain returned today, but we had planned a relaxing indoors afternoon anyway. 'Relaxing' I say, even though I spent most of the day cleaning the house! I did sit with the children and play XBox games for a couple of hours though, something I NEVER do. Or rather do only very rarely. I'm not much of a sharer when it comes to playing games (or anything else), so it's a good job that they enjoy watching me playing as much as they enjoy playing themselves! Teehee!

Tomorrow's bento has a little hen, which I was inspired to make after seeing the shape of the Quorn nuggets I had cooked as a lunch box portion. The base is couscous seasoned with vegan worcester sauce, mini-carrot and cucumber sticks and a juicy vine cherry tomato. The hen's features are: cheese circle eyes, tomato skin comb and wattle and a little carrot beak. The wings are also pieces of cheese. In the fruit layer I've put some cranberries and a sliced kiwi.

I'll pack a slice of garlic bread, a blueberry yoghurt and a dried fruit bar as extras for break time and dessert. I particularly like how these cheese eyes always manage to have different expressions!


  1. The shape of the nuggets really perfect to make a chicken! You are really creative! :)

  2. Thank you KidsDreamWork! I had a little regret after finishing it that I hadn't given the hen any legs.



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