Monday, 21 June 2010

No.46. 'Poppy field pasta' bento

The bento for Tuesday was planned around the fact that I haven't given the children a pasta bento for a long time. I decided that the green pesto coated pasta would make an excellent field for bright flowers! When I think of fields of flowers my first thought is always of poppies. There was one fine Summer day in my childhood when I saw such a field and also some very impressive kites being flown over it. Funny how a single day can leave a lifetime's impression. So here is the pasta poppy field I put together, using the flower cutter from my new little collection and some mild English cheddar.

In the fruit layer I've put tangerine segments and jaffa cakes as dessert. For break they will have the box of crackers and cheese that can be seen on the right of the picture. I'll also put in a Petits Filous Big Pot to go with their dessert.

I bought the children some adorable Sigg flasks for their lunch boxes today. My daughter's is bright yellow with little monsters all around it, and my son's is a 'space robot' on blue background. They love them! The flasks have been with them to their climbing lesson and Karate this afternoon. Speaking of Karate, we attended the Monday training session this week with an aim to do two days training instead of one. Monday's session turned out to be very rigorous and we three were the only 'white belts' there. It didn't exactly put us off going again on a Monday, but we have decided to do much more additional training at home between sessions to push ourselves a bit more.

Must do more Kata!

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