Thursday, 27 May 2010

No.34 'Bunny in the Carrot Patch' bento

Post Script: Because of it's Beatrix Potter-esque associations, I have linked this blog post to Bento Box Blog for it's British Themed Bento page. Making it a tribute both to a British author and British childhood in bygone times.



Hello! I received the package of cute food cutters I won in the contest put up by Lexi of Diary of a Delinquent Housewife today! My children were so excited to see what new designs we can come up with using them. My son carried the package around the whole time I was cooking dinner. I hope they'll be happy with what I've come up with for tomorrow's lunch. One of the cutters is a cute little carrot shape. I knew I wanted to make the base of my bento a boiled egg today, so that quickly turned into a white rabbit in my mind, and with some plain, buttery couscous as a bottom layer with some salad leaves I soon had 'soil' to plant the carrot patch in. The mini tomato is more the size of a pumpkin now, don't you think?

The whole time I was making this little bunny I was thinking of my own childhood fondness of Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit. Always getting caught stealing carrots and cabbages and spoiling his fine clothes as he went. My favourite was Peter's cousin, Benjamin. I'm not sure why, but looking back I think he seemed more wily and capable than Peter while remaining utterly laid back. The James Dean of Beatrix Potter's rabbits. When I was four, I named my own pet rabbit Benjamin.

I've also used the flower shaped cutter to shape a few pieces of cucumber, which you can see around the rabbit's face. I used a tooth pick and some food colouring to tattoo in the facial features. Below is a picture of Lexi's cutters now that they have arrived in my kitchen. I love it when you can see something at both ends of it's journey like that! Reminds me of how some school classes have a soft toy for the children to photograph on Holiday with them. The cutters aren't exactly sunning themselves at any exotic locations, but they are being well loved in the North of Wales. 


  1. Congrats on winning the contest and for putting your prize to such good use! I always loved Enid Blyton's Brer Rabbit stories!

  2. Love this box, great use of the cutters! Hope the kidlets enjoyed the bento!

  3. Lovely rabbit in a field full of carrots! What more can a rabbit ask for yeah! :D

  4. Thank you for your nice comments Asfora, Lexi and KidsDreamWork! Half term break at school this week so no bentos required. Really missing making them, so may put one together at the end of the week and take it out for a picnic if the rain stops!

  5. Thank you Lil'chan! I keep coming back to look at this one myself. I'm quite pleased with how the ears and features turned out prettily. :-)



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