Friday, 21 May 2010

No.28 'The Bluebird of Happiness' bento

When I'm feeling a little down, I'll often think to myself "I'll look out for the bluebird of happiness". It's something that has always stuck with me after reading the first of the K-PAX books by Gene Brewer. The character Prot, who is institutionalised for his delusional behaviour and claims, becomes an enigma to his psychiatrists and a source of inspiration to his fellow patients. One chronically depressed patient Howie, rarely lifts from his melancholic slump, but Prot tells him to look out of the window until he sees the bluebird of happiness. I later found out that the bluebird of happiness appears in the mythology of early civilizations from all around the globe. 

The bento consists of home-made tuna fritters, paprika stir fried mini corn, sliced radishes, cucumber sticks and humous. The little bluebird and the nearby tree are cut from mild English cheddar and rubbed with food colouring. The bluebird is seated amidst the colours of a garden beyond the cucumber fence. In the fruit layer are strawberries, grapes and kiwi.

I have entered today's bento into the An American In Bento themed bento competition, after leaving the entry until the very last minute before I could think of a theme that meant something to me. 

I didn't collect the children from school myself today, because I had a meeting to go to in the afternoon and early evening. As it turns out, I had a fantastic time meeting new people and volunteering my help with a few things I'll enjoy doing. The children also had a great time being picked up by their Dad and having dinner with him as well as going to buy cakes for dessert. We were all in such a brilliant mood when I came home. We bathed our pet wood pigeon together, read stories and cuddled before bed. Although we have one more day of the working/school week to get through, I feel that ending today on a very warm high note will have a knock on effect on how much we enjoy tomorrow! 

This week, due to my weariness, I have jokingly asked the children in the mornings (as we stand ready to open the front door and go out) "Are we ready for a Monday?" (and on the other days also). These have been good de-stressing and bracing moments where we've been able to say "Yes!" to the days of the week! "Yes, we're ready for you! Bring us some good things to do and see." 


  1. very nice cheese cutting/coloring - i love the story/significance behind this lovely bento, and the foods look delicious!

  2. A heartwarming story... =)

  3. Hello there Megan and Anna! Nice to see you pop by and leave your lovely comments, thank you.



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