Tuesday, 25 May 2010

No.32 "Arriba Bandido!" bento

Onwards and upwards in bentoland! Today's bento crosses three cultures. Packed in a Japanese box, made with Mexican style food and cooked by a Welsh man! My husband made burritos tonight and as usual the children and I enjoyed them. He has perfected his chilli recipe so well so that my dislike of Mexican food is overcome and I enjoy every bite. Yum Yum. 

For the children's lunch I've cut out mini seeded wraps from the larger ones. In the top layer of the box is some vegetarian chilli and a portion of tomato salsa. In the second layer is salad leaves, mini vine ripened tomatoes and grated cheddar cheese. 

Finally, the bit that adds some fun to the meal! A life-size bushy bandido mustache cut out of cheese! The children think it's marvelous that they can prop a fake (yet edible) mustache on their top lip before tucking into their lunch. 


  1. I love this - that chilli looks great!
    I also hope that the bentos of love yesterday helped your little boy feel a bit more smily about his lunch again.

  2. Hello hypothermya and Lexi! Thank you for your mustache and chilli appreciation. Those bentos of love went down very well and so did this Mexican bento. Very encouraging for me!



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