Wednesday, 19 May 2010

No.27 'Little Owl' bento

Hello! The couscous in yesterday's bento was enjoyed very much by the children, so there's a little more for their lunch tomorrow at the base of the boxes under the cucumber slices. I've put a Marmite sandwich in the bottom, because they haven't had many sandwiches lately and love their Marmite. The rest is pieces of spring onion to eat with the couscous and a mild cheddar owl with radish and cucumber detail. I had decided it was going to be a birdie bento today, but I wasn't sure which one. The shape of the little owl is roughly similar to some cast iron ornaments that I have in my kitchen.

Nothing very difficult to make here, except perhaps for carving the little circles on the radishes for eyes. I'll be giving them some yoghurt to eat with their fresh fruit and a dried fruit bar for their break time. All in all, a fairly nutritious meal. 

We had more stick sword fights on the way home from school today. Half way home my daughter found a stick that was longer than she is tall and that was her sword for the rest of the journey. It reminded me of those ten foot long, three foot wide, ten ton heavy swords that are brandished by tiny people in animated roleplay games. Only, you know, the stick equivalent.

Tonight was Karate night for the children (only the second time they have been) and this time I went along to watch them too. I'm very excited about joining in myself in a couple of weeks, it looks like so much fun!


  1. Aww so cute! I love the eyes part. I always feel that your 'on the way home from school' journey are always so fun :)

  2. We do have a great time on our school walks!

  3. Totally agreed with Lia, my eyes landed of the eyes of the owl when I first look at the photo :D

  4. The radishes seem to make pretty good eyes, I agree. They'd be good for a 'Where the Wild Things Are' bento!



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