Wednesday, 26 May 2010

No.33 'Dolphin Pod' bento

A nice fresh looking bento for Thursday! Little dolphin shaped marmite sandwiches with sultana eyes, green leaf salad, cucumber wedges, vine ripened mini tomatoes and some sweetcorn. In the fruit layer are a few juicy dried apricots and seedless green grapes. To accompany the box I'll be giving them some cheese nibble biscuits for playtime snack and a vanilla yoghurt for dessert.

Since chatting about positive bento lunch times and dealing with doing things a bit 'out of the norm', I've had two bento boxes returned empty from my son! He said he found the mini burrito wraps a little tricky to fold today, so he asked his teacher for help. She told him "I'm always ready to help and never mind you asking.", which he quoted proudly. Fantastic! The cheese mustaches were very much enjoyed.

My two children were having parties at school today and trying new foods from different cultures. My daughter's class had an Egyptian party and the mother of an Egyptian pupil cooked some amazing goodies for them all to share. They had gibna beyda cheese and very sweet baklava. I was lucky enough to try one of the baklava at home time and as I savoured it I dreamed of being invited to dinner at their house! Unfortunately, my son's class' Chinese party was cancelled until after the half term break because they couldn't get the noodles cooked properly in the staff room. He was quite disappointed because it was the school highlight of his week, but he enjoyed trying the Egyptian food from his sister's class. 

I've decided I'll try making some Chinese sweets at home over the half term break (time allowing), so that if they have the Chinese party when they children go back I'll be able to contribute. 


  1. The cute dolphins seems like hoping out from the bento box towards the fruits sections! :D

  2. Perhaps there were a few less grapes by the time they got to school!



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