Monday, 3 May 2010

No.15 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' bento

For today's bento I had a piece of smoked tofu that I wanted to use and the children had requested more noodles. I noticed that the inside of the tofu block was a much paler colour to the outside and that gave me the idea for Goldilocks' face and the brown of the bears. The egg noodles made a nice tangle of curls for our Goldilocks. There are a few carrot flowers and a tomato ribbon for her hair. A bed of chopped greens and some lettuce will add crunch to the noodles.

The second layer has some diced melon, slices of kiwi and a few chopped grapes. For dessert the children will take a yummy chocolate fudge muffin from the huge batch I baked today. They want to take one for their teachers too! We gave a box full to a friend today as well. A huge batch will turn into 'just enough' in no time.

We took a long walk around the coast today with our bird spotting friend and her little dog. Beautiful clear skies and crisp wind. Lots of territorial singing from the birdies and plenty of nests in sight. It definitely put a few more nature related bento ideas in my mind.

I made some fried falafel patties for dinner with roast potatoes and vegetables. With some of the falafel mix left over, I may make some miniature patties for the next bento. Yummy!


  1. You are quick to think about Goldilocks and the Three Bears ... very nice! What did you use to make the facial expression there?

  2. Aww .. So yr idea ! Mind if I copy for my little gal? :D

  3. I used a little food colouring put on with a toothpick for the faces, Lia. Afterwards I thought I should have put little circles of cream cheese with a dot of black colouring in the middle instead. Much more effective. Next time, I'll try that!

    Please do try it for your little girl anna2003! If you do make one, I'd love to see how you get on with it. Perhaps you could post a link to a photograph? Have fun!



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