Wednesday, 19 May 2010

No.26 'Baby Bear' bento

I'm posting this bento very late into the evening because I've been busy re-dying my hair (a rare bit of self maintenance does wonders!), but I'm quite pleased with the result of my bento efforts. I saved a piece of breaded haddock from the children's dinner to add a little protein to their lunch tomorrow.  

I'm not sure if they'll enjoy it cold, but it's good to experiment. The 'baby bear' peeking out at the top is made from half a buttered burger bun, with the piece of fish underneath. They can add it to the bread if they decide to eat it. The ears are thin slices of tofu wiener and the eyes are circles of mild cheddar. I can see now that the cucumber sticks look a bit like baby bear's arms! The rest of the bento is some couscous made with a dash of mushroom ketchup and topped with grated cheese and carrot. In the fruit layer is some melon, a pineapple ring and a few strawberries.

Our school walks today were quite swift affairs, because we left five minutes late in the morning as well as stopping to chat to our good friend walking her dog, and on the way home had to be back by a certain time. Still, the children managed to fit in a half dozen funny accents and impersonations along with a very energetic stick sword fight! So good to watch them playing in the sunshine.


  1. It will be so much fun eating those cute bear burgers. I think they will enjoy it! :)

  2. I hope so Lia! They love their couscous too, so that should go down well today.

  3. Hello! Your mistakenly post comment gives me the chance to come to your blog! :D
    This baby bear is certainly cute! And you have lots of cheese there! I always envy moms whose kids eat cheese, my boy don't so I have one more ingredient less for bento-ing :)

  4. Hello! Lovely to see a new visitor! Put your feet up and have a cuppa. :-)

    Funny you should mention the cheese, because I try not to put too much in. What I've got on the couscous is two grated carrots with just a small lump of cheese grated in with it. If it was ALL carrot, they'd turn their noses up at it, but a bit of cheese makes all the difference. The carrot/cheese grated combo makes a nice sandwich filling with a bit of humous too, I find.



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