Wednesday, 5 May 2010

No.17 Doctor Who bento #3 "Good dog, K-9"

Not completely a Doctor Who bento actually, because K-9's latest residence is with Sarah Jane in the Sarah Jane Adventures series. Until recently, K-9 had the task of preventing the end of the world by sealing an artificially created black hole as he floated in space. A lonely job, but Sarah Jane checked in on him via a window in her safe quite often. Giving little K-9 encouragement. "Good dog, K-9!", she would say. "AFFIRMATIVE!" he would call back. I was looking through Doctor Who images today, when my children chose K-9 as a subject for tomorrow's bento. 

Because I do everything double for bento (two children), here is a picture of both K-9s. Although there is a base of vinegared cucumber sushi rice, this bento is essentially a simple salad and sandwich lunch. K-9 is a marmite sandwich with some smoked tofu, chorizo and radish for detail (and flavour I hope!). The K-9 is hand cut from nori. In the second box I have made a finely chopped salad with grated cheese, cucumber, lettuce, carrot and egg noodles. Because the salad box has been made to become K-9's black hole/nebula, I added some planetary bodies in the form of carved radishes rubbed in a little food colouring. And finally, a close up of the little guy.


  1. Ahh! so cute! I love k-9 <3

  2. Thank you! I hope he's tasty, too. :D



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