Wednesday, 12 May 2010

No.22 'Frog Pond' bento

It's Wednesday! A day that is better measured by my children than the Gregorian calendar. To most of us, today is Wednesday May 12th, but to them it is "Two days from sweeties after school day" and "Three days from a long sleep in.". Nice! I prefer the way they look at a day. Again, no woodpecker on the way home today, but when we stopped to look up into the tree we saw it in, a squirrel threw a pine cone down at us and it hit my son solidly on the head. Wild life watchers obviously not appreciated by the dwellers in that tree. 

Today's bento has a froggy in it, since I had green rice left in the fridge. While I was making it I thought of the garden bento I made a month back. That one had a frog pond in it, so I suppose this bento is a close up of the pond! Very poor photography today, sadly.

Green rice frog with cucumber lilly pads, radish lilies and a carrot stick pond border. Lettuce underneath. In the fruit layer today, I've put pineapple, strawberries and grapes. 


  1. It's Kermit! I will send this to my friend who collects frogs! :o) love the lilies and pads detail!

  2. It must be Kermit! :D Very glad you like it Asfora.



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