Thursday, 13 May 2010

No.23 "A dolphin ate my lasagna!" bento

One day away from "sweeties after school day"! Hurray! Also, we got a new bento box in the post today (another eBay purchase). This one is burger shaped, with the tiers made to look like a burger bun with lettuce and meat. The children and I have decided it's a tofu burger. Compared to our other boxes, this one is huge, so I have only needed to use two of the three compartments. I haven't got those layers packed as tightly as I'd normally like either, but putting any more food in for one meal for a seven year old would be way too much.

Today's bento is super-nutritious. It has a small piece of leftover home made vegetable lasagna from dinner tonight, carrot sticks, cucumber slices, radishes and mung bean sprouts. The dolphin is made from a emmental cheese slice. In the fruit layer I've put some pineapple slices, grapes and raisins. 


  1. I have always wanted that Burger one!!! Funny, this time you picked dolphins - my OTHER friend likes them so I'll send her this link! Do a pig tomorrow and you got yourself a hat trick LOL

  2. I'd definitely recommend the burger one, it's very roomy and has three useable layers. The dome at the top would keep quite a heap of sandwiches from being crushed, which is good. How brilliant that I'm supplying bento images for your animal loving friends!

    No bentos for the weekend, but I will aim for a piggies one for Monday. The children have been asking for pink rice again recently, so that should be great. Hmmm, getting ideas for making a salad pig sty now..



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