Thursday, 29 April 2010

No.14 'Hungry Chick' bento

I was extremely tired tonight after a busy day fitting a lot of things in. I wasn't sure whether I would manage a bento at all, and as it turns out I have made tomorrow's lunch very late into the evening, just before finally giving up my semi-comatose sleep under a blanket and heading to a more comfortable spot in bed.

There were lots of things today that I could have taken as inspiration for the last bento of the week. For instance, my children took part in a concert at their school and did very well singing in front of an audience. There were some fabulous instrumental pieces put on for the parents also. I considered a music theme, but put that thought aside as I set out my chopping board to prepare the meal. Instead I thought of the most peaceful time of the day, when we walked with a good friend of ours and her little dog before dinner. We always have nature spotting expeditions with this particular friend and today was no exception. As well as introducing the children to the names of newly flowering wild plant life, we all stood quietly by the woodland for some time, listening to the bird song of the newly paired birds. The nests are in full swing at the moment, with some very impressive constructions put up if you know where to look. A pair of magpies have set up their nest in a tree along our route to school, so we have been able to see it's development from a modest bungalow, to a dignified three storey townhouse. Nests mean new life and hungry chicks to feed. So here they are, two hungry bento chicks to feed my two hungry bento children.

A bed of leftover egg noodles, chopped spring onion and carrot, cream cheese sandwich trees and a cheese bird with chorizo wing. The same few ingredients have been used throughout this week, which has been quite economical, with the change in layout and vegetables keeping the food from getting too boring to eat. The meal is teamed with a layer of fresh strawberries and black grapes. Bon appetit, little ones.


  1. Loving the little chicks for your little chicks x

  2. Thank you Wendy, I ate a couple while I was cutting them out...

  3. You are so creative to make those 'hungry chicks' ... sure your kids will love to have them :)

  4. Thank you Lia! They did enjoy them. Not a single crumb left in the boxes.

  5. Looks yummy, cute AND healthy! keep em coming!



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