Sunday, 25 April 2010

No.6 Doctor Who bento #1 "Daleks and Toclafane"

This season of Doctor Who, with the eleventh doctor, has turned out to be absolutely fantastic! My children and I think that the writers have really outdone themselves and Matt Smith has not let us down with his interpretation of the Time Lord. Fantastic. As a tribute to the new episodes, I have set out to make several Doc Who themed bentos, with this dalek one being the first. The dalek is a cream cheese sandwich with a few spots of food colouring. After I had made it my daughter suggested that soy sauce would have done just as well, which I will remember for some of my future black dying work.

The tradition of bento makers is to use leftovers from the previous day's meals wherever possible, and I do this myself quite often. It's very economical and practically eliminates food waste from pots of leftovers being forgotten in the fridge. Great stuff. In the second layer we have pesto coated pasta twirls and some radish 'toclafane' for added crunch. The toclafane were from the last doctor's adventures I know, but I wanted to EXTERMINATE the last of my radishes.

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