Sunday, 25 April 2010

No.7 Garden bento for Japanistic bento contest

This is a bento I entered into Hapa Bento's Japanistic bento box contest. They set a garden theme.
My first thoughts when considering a garden themed bento were about my own garden experiences in recent years. We don’t have a garden of our own any more, but we are lucky enough to be a five minute walk from a beautiful botanical garden, which is continually re-developed and improved. While the children run about and play, building dens, climbing trees and hiding in the bamboo patch, I set up my blanket by the frog pond and read my latest book.

We have some lovely days out there in our community garden. My bento for this contest tries to capture one of my days reading by the pond! A little bacon ‘me’ is lying on a blanket in a pepper circle reproduction of my new red sun hat! The pond reflects the blue skies, surrounded by bright flower beds and luscious green plants. The little cheese slice across the bacon figure was the closest I could come with short time to clothing! Teehee! She has been censored. 

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