Wednesday, 28 April 2010

No.13 'Sisters' bento

Today's bento has been inspired by my big sister. She's been on my mind all day today, and that's never a bad thing. She has started making bento lunches for her little girl after being inspired by mine and the new joint-hobby is already giving us yet another bit of shared creative enjoyment. We weren't raised together, but we are alike in a multitude of ways. Apart from our similar aptitudes and abilities there are things which we share which are most valuable to me. Our loyalty and deep love and respect for one another and for our families. Our understanding of what is truly important. So today, in a very small way, I have put together a tribute to our relationship in bento form.

On the left, with the dark hair, is my amazing big sister and on the right with the pink hair is myself. I've left our curls in, because no matter how much we fight them, they always come back! I have us facing one another with big smiles, because in the land of bento we've just met up for that cup of tea we keep talking about and I've brought my special mug as promised. We've been teamed up with a layer of yummy looking fruit salad.

The portrait layers have been made with the same method as the rockabilly bento, but there is pickle added to the cheese sandwich today, because my son and daughter saw my new jar of pickle and gathered around me to make sure that some of it went into their bentos somewhere! The base of the portraits has some spring onion, (which my children love) and we have carrot flowers in our hair for an added touch of colour and fun. Here are the sisters up close. I'll tell the children in the morning that one box contains a picture of me and one has a picture of my sister. They can wait until lunch time to see who they got!


  1. How fantastic Jess, puts my sticky chicken and noodles to shame . Loraine xxxxxx

  2. Love it Jess!



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