Sunday, 25 April 2010

No.10 Suki Doll bento

This bento was inspired by the many Japanese doll images I've come across recently. The pattern on my insulated bento carrier is of these kinds of dolls with different outfits and cute expressions. I am now also the proud owner of socks with the same doll pattern. It was while I was admiring my socks that the idea came to me about making one of the dolls out of food items and I let the idea grow throughout the day until I matched my potential doll parts with available food in my fridge. 

It only took me ten minutes to make, so I'm thrilled with that fact. I used a bed of basmati rice and made up the doll out of half a boiled egg, a shaped tomato hairdo and a cucumber dress. She has carrot flowers at her feet. Her facial features were 'tattooed' into the egg with a tooth pick and tiny amounts of food colouring. I've never tried the tattooing method of colouring food before, but it turned out to be quite effective. The little tooth pick holes contained the colouring very well and let me achieve a lot of detail with no mess. In the next layer are some meat free swedish style balls and a few more little bits of carrot.

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