Monday, 19 April 2010

No.2 Pink Domo bento

Three pink Domokun characters! These three bento were my first charaben work for the year. Inspired by the brilliant "Miss Domo Bento" by Pikko at Adventures in bentomaking

Domokun is made from sushi rice cooked with two drops of red food colouring and shaped using cling film after cooling. The mouth is shaped from hand cut slices of carrot and the eyes are splodges of vegemite. The sliced vegetarian sausages above the Domo figures looked like a  full head of hair for him! At least, my son certainly saw them that way. In the second layer I put checkerboard apple and apple rabbits for the children and a sliced  jaffa orange for my own portion. Nestled in the fruit section are two of our leftover Easter goodies.

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