Thursday, 1 July 2010

No.51 'Big Heart Bibimbap' bento

Hello all! The children won't be needing a bento tomorrow because they have a Prize Giving day at school where they only take a snack. I'm really looking forward to seeing them awarded a prize in recognition of their own personal achievements throughout the year. It's a half day of school too, so we get to go for a treat lunch together afterwards!

The bento above is actually today's lunch (prepared last night), only I was too tired to write the blog post for it before bed last night. It really isn't a terribly pretty bento, or one that took me a great deal of time to make, but it was delicious! In the savoury layer is Thai fragrant rice and leftover Bibimbap (a Korean dish). In the dessert layer is a little jam sandwich, a pealed satsuma and some chocolate chips mixed together with raisins. The big red cheese heart is in there to add a touch of 'cute' and also some colour.

Only my son took this bento, because his sister didn't take so well to the Bibimbap. She did take some of the rice though, with a salad, some brie and a mini bottle of soy sauce.

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  1. I am glad you mentioned what Bibimbap is because I thought it must be a type of bread roll! Congrats to your clever kiddies on their Prize winnings, you must be so proud! Have a lovely half day and lunch treat!



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