Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Giant Toblerone Cake

This week I made a giant Toblerone segment and replica box for a friend's 50th birthday. It has been posted in the cake hall of fame on my Bentovention cakes page. I'm very proud of the result, and just hope that it's frightening chocolate content didn't do anyone too much damage.

Also proud to announce that the box was partly made from recycled materials! Two cereal boxes that were put aside specially for it. I had to fight off my daughter a couple of times, since her chore is to collect and sort the household recycling into the outside collection boxes. The precious Toblerone box cardboard was almost lost to her thoroughness!


  1. How creative! Love Toblerone, and it's so distinctive. I bet they loved it!!

  2. Thank you for the Toblerone praise! Yes, I think it was well loved, and due to it's large size is probably still being eaten...

  3. totally awesome! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Toblerone!!! Ingenius! :o)



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