Tuesday, 6 July 2010

No.52 'Cutie-pie' bento

Hello all! Here we are, right in the middle of the childrens last week of school before summer break. We can't wait for the wonderful relief from routine that the weekend will bring us, but at the same time we've had such a lovely few days of school that it is a little sad to be parting from everyone for such a long break. Yesterday I accompanied my son's class on their school trip to visit a museum and castle. We were all treated to a wonderful meal at a hotel and had a fantastic time being shown around the museum and castle.

Today's bentos have miniature savoury pies made with the same filling as the big one I made for dinner (Quorn, potato, onion, carrot and mushroom seasoning). The children always enjoy my pies even when eaten cold as leftovers, so I thought I'd make them their own mini versions for lunch tomorrow. As you can see, I've added square eyes to make the little pie in the picture look like a cutie-pie! Also in the box layers is some grated carrot and cheese mixed together to go on the crackers found in the second layer, some grapes and a smallish tomato.

They'll be taking in a cereal bar for break time  and a rhubarb custard pot for dessert. I'm quite pleased with how the crease in the pastry of the pie looks like a clam-shell mouth at certain angles. In the other bento (not pictured here), the eyes are on the lower half of the pie, so it has a bit of an overbite!


  1. This is definitely a cutie! :D
    Looks like is hiding behind the bushes aiming for the food in the box, haha...

  2. I hadn't noticed that before, but it does look as though he's got his eyes on that food!



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