Thursday, 22 July 2010

No.54 'Rilakkuma bear' bento

This Rilakkuma bear (relax bear) bento is for my husband, and will probably be eaten for supper tonight. I wanted to try out using all natural food colourings for this one. The base is a layer of leftovers from last night's dinner. Rice combined with sir fried pak choi, carrot, green beans onion and spring onion. Rilakkuma bear is made from a piece of cheddar cheese and the colouring and detail is added with some soy sauce and vegemite. Not a very brightly coloured bento, but I think it should be tasty!

"Hello! time to relax" says Rilakkuma bear. 


  1. Love Rilakkuma! Cute bread box!

  2. Hello, Rilakuma looks nice and sleepy! Goodnight Kuma!
    Big T and little t



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