Wednesday, 22 September 2010

No.68 Butterfly Sandwich bento

Hoo-boy am I worn out this week! Both of my childrens' birthdays fall in September so it has meant some preparation time and extra baking on top of my normal kitchen routine. My bentos have been fairly undecorative but just as wholesome as always. Tonight's bento is notable because my daughter's is packed in a non-bento box on her request. Apparently the contents are now fine for senior school lunch, but the clasps on her 'burger' bento box were a bit fiddly and she wanted a regular box. Aww, sadness! I love that burger bento box!

Here is my son's lunch, in his bento box:

The contents are Vegemite butterfly sandwiches topped with a cut out slice of mature cheddar, carrot sticks and humous dip, cucumber wedges and a pealed satsuma. There is also a cereal bar and small pot of yoghurt. I'm sending in a home made chocolate muffin too, since we have a glut of them this week.

My daughter's bento has the same contents, but with slightly bigger portions as usual (four sandwiches rather than two, more humous, more carrot).

Here are a couple of images I took of some of the other bentos this week.

Couscous, olives, cheese, crackers, kinder treat.

Leftover vegetable lasagne, green salad, olives, grapes, cheese biscuits, kinder treat.

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