Tuesday, 7 September 2010

No.60 'Dragonfly Salad' Bento

Hurray! No bento negativity was brought home from school today, so that's good news. Both of the childrens bentos were completely devoured also, with barely a crumb left. For the past couple of days the bentos I've made have been quite heavy, with the pasta content making me feel very sluggish after lunch in my office (since I've been having the same content in my own bentos). For tomorrow I've gone for much lighter content, which is simply two kinds of salad; one fruit and one vegetable. In the main section of our boxes we've got: lettuce, cucumber, radish, green olives, grated carrot and a little grated cheese. In the fruit section there are strawberries, black grapes, kiwi slices and red currants. We'll take along a small package of crackers and a pot of yoghurt also, to round out the meal and have a snack for break time. As a little decoration I cut out some cheese slice dragonflies to sit on top of the salad. It all looked so fresh as it was that I decided not to colour the cheese, leaving everything natural instead.


  1. Me too; after Labor Day feasting I'm looking forward to salad dinners this week. Happy to hear the bento prevailed. Yay!

  2. Salad and fruits are so fresh not to mention healthy too for kids' bento :)



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