Sunday, 5 September 2010

No.57 Cute 'Ice Cream' Bento

Monday's bento! Well, after two days of bentos eaten with the senior department last week, my daughter had no success in finishing her food during the limited lunch period. Despite this fact, rather than asking for less food, she has asked for more! I don't understand her logic but I'm going to go with it and see if she gets her lunch times sorted out. Tomorrow she's going to take our largest bento box (the burger shaped one). I've make pesto pasta for the main layer, finely chopped strawberries and red grapes for the second layer and in the top layer she has three vegemite sandwiches in the shape of ice creams (we have some lovely new cutters!), with cheese detail to one. She also has a few redcurrants and a single physalis. She was thrilled to see it when it was made up, so I just hope she gets to enjoy it tomorrow! I think it's a shame when a school doesn't think of lunch as important enough to give a decent length of time to.

The following bento is the version I made for my son, who needs a much smaller portion. It's in his usual 'busy ant' box.


  1. I think it's really sad they don't get enough time to eat these delicious looking meals! :(

  2. hi, i'm a new follower. love your blog!

  3. Hello Kelly! I'm glad you like Bentovention. Thank you for following our lunches and daily escapades. x



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