Wednesday, 8 September 2010

No.61 'Little Frog' Bento

I'm pleased with the colour in today's bento. The little froggy is sitting on top of a stack of freshly cooked little olive pancakes, which I made with quite a thick plain pancake mixture and then combined with finely chopped olives and pimento. Under the cucumber lily pads is a layer of quinoa and lettuce, with some carrot sticks and a radish to finish it off. In the fruit section there are satsuma segments, pineapple rings, strawberries and grapes. This is a real 'five a day' bento!

Below is my daughter's portion, which is a bit bigger and has some added pesto pasta in the main section and some of her favourite physalis with the fruit. Her froggy turned out a bit smaller! I cut them by and from cheese.


  1. I looooovveeee olives! I never thought of putting them in a pancake before. Did you use a store bought mix or home-made?

    Your froggies are super cute!

  2. Hello OhayoBento! I make my own pancake mix. Sometimes with egg (for the children), sometimes without. Occasionally I use pureed banana as an egg substitute. I didn't try the olive pancakes myself, but they were disappearing at an alarming rate! They must have been yummy.



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