Thursday, 2 September 2010

No.56 'Ooglies' bento

Since I was putting in a few little portions of different foods, my daughter suggested that I simply put eyes on a few of them so that they could be 'Ooglies'. I liked that idea. The Ooglies are food items with eyes that get up to adventures in a children's stop-frame animation series. The first day of back to school bento went well, with both boxes coming home almost empty and the last few morsels in them eaten before the boxes went in the wash. Apparently very tasty. I had similar food items to pop in the boxes for this next bento, but I reduced the quantity of rice and replaced it with easy to eat bite sized pieces of other foods instead. With limited time for their lunch break it can be difficult to get through a largish portion of rice (so I was told today).

In today's bento (which is sadly not very colourful), they have two vegetable samosas, some chopped vegetable burger, sliced radishes, cubed cheese and a little curried rice onigiri. In the fruit section, some grapes, red currants and physalis. They'll also take a small pot of chocolate mousse as the treat and a cereal bar for break.


  1. Glad to see the Bento's are back in town!
    Heather xx



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