Sunday, 12 September 2010

No.63 'Autumn Leaves' bento

This weekend has flown by! On Saturday we visited a local National Trust house, which takes the form of a mock Norman castle. We had a wonderful time enjoying the architecture and artwork, but didn't stay to explore the gardens because it had rained quite heavily.

The bento decoration for tomorrow was inspired by the Autumn themed table that my son has at school and the 'Autumn collection' bowl we are filling at home, with colourful dried leaves, conkers and pine cones. The meal itself consists of a portion of home made potato salad, chopped vegetarian sausage and a mini onion bhaji. The fruit layer has honeydew melon, pineapple rings and red currants. I made the potato salad fresh this afternoon from some cubed, steamed potatoes with the skins left on, a dollop of mayonnaise, a teaspoon full of vegan pesto and a dash of white pepper. The Autumn leaves on the top are hand cut from a cheddar slice and coloured with food colourings.

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