Monday, 13 September 2010

No.64 'Snakey' bento

If you look closely at today's bento creation, there is a wholemeal snake! Vegemite sandwich made from half a wholemeal sub roll, more of my homemade potato salad (which the children were talking about on the way back from school - so tasty!), two mini onion bhajis and some cucumber shapes wedged at the rear. A handful of grapes and half a kiwi sliced in the fruit layer.

The snake sandwich has cucumber skin scales, fresh peas for eyes and a little sliver of red coloured cheese for a tongue. I think he's after that potato salad.

We brought home some more conkers and colourful leaves for our Autumn collection bowl today. It's a jumble tumble of Autumn! The pretty coloured leaves looked gorgeous in candlelight while we ate dinner. Here they are:

1 comment:

  1. Ssssssnakey! Mmmm mmm mmm! I really enjoyed that one!
    Domo xxx



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