Tuesday, 13 September 2011

No.97 Caterpillar Bento

Here are Monday's bento and Tuesday's bento together. The caterpillar is made from mini doughnuts, a large strawberry and some fondant icing. In the savoury layer is some leftover spicy vegetable goulash and little squares of seeded bread stacked together. The caterpillar is inspired by a little creature of the same type that we encountered on our walk home from school today.

Below is the 'rose garden' bento I made for Monday. It has squares of banana bread with soya spread, decorated with fondant icing in the form of red and white rose vines. When I was decorating them I explained to little t that its the Red Queen's rose garden. There are also some par-boiled carrot wedges and celery sticks, some banana chips and custard cream biscuits.


  1. Thanks was lovely I loved!

  2. WaW it is me (Saya)

  3. Hello Saya! Nice to see you in blog-land. Thank you Lia, my son was so thrilled with it when he saw it this morning.



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