Monday, 5 September 2011

No.94 Leftover pizza bento

This is one of those meals that proves a bento can be made in under two minutes! No decoration today, since the children had this one small slice of pizza leftover that I just cut into slivers for tomorrow's lunch for little t. I use leftovers for bento as often as possible. It saves any waste and also a lot of money. In the second layer little t has a beautifully ripe sliced plum and carob coated raisins. I'll send a pot of fruit layered yoghurt also.

Well, tomorrow will be Big T's first day of big school. New horizons. I think I'm possibly more apprehensive and excited than she is. So much so that my intensity of new school excitement is making her nervous! I really hope that her first day goes as swimmingly as possible so that it eases her into a new routine and social life.

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