Tuesday, 4 September 2012

No.107 'Maths' bento for back to school!

It appears I've cast a shadow over the bento when I took this photograph. That's a shame, but the colours are still quite vibrant looking. Big T and little t are back to school today and now that I have my morning chores out of the way I am embarking on an afternoon of quiet, PhD related work and tea drinking. Big T took the same food as little t today but hers was in a large lunch box and not arranged like a bento. She prefers things plainer now she's in big school. The second year of big school! In this bento, little t has some breaded tofu, pesto pasta, mini carrot sticks and pea pods as filler and some hand cut carrot numbers to make it a maths bento. In the dessert layer he has a home made vegan shortbread boy and some sliced plum. 'A little plum for my little plum' as I always say.

I hope they enjoy their first day back at school. They were both super excited to be going back. I can't wait to hear how their day has been.

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