Wednesday, 2 February 2011

No.86 'Sian's Garden' bento

Guess what? I found that missing bunny cutter! My favourite one. Even though I had searched through my cutter jars quite thoroughly, he turned up tonight nestled under all the others. Perhaps he has been on a secret adventure... This bento is dedicated to a friend of mine who has been working extremely hard lately and could do with a tranquil little bento garden to sneak away to for a few hours! I've never thought of dedicating a bento before but it felt very lovely making this one and keeping my friend Sian in mind as I arranged it. It's a very hearty bento too, which should be filling and yummy. In the savoury base there is pasta with green pesto, some wedges of tomato, curly lettuce, some chopped vegetarian hotdog wiener and to top it all off a cheddar cheese flower and rabbit. In the dessert layer is a veritable treasure trove of jelly beans and chocolate coated raisins and I've used the divider for the bento box for the first time in a long time to keep the orange segments separate.

The top image is of my son's bento and the second one, in the strawberry shaped box, is my daughter's. Below is a picture of what they looked like with their section lids and closures. Another day, another bento! A job well done and something to feel proud of when I present these lunches to my children in the morning.

On the vintage front, I thought some of you might be interested in these free printable vintage valentines cards from Vintage Holiday Crafts (now featured in my side bar!). I'm certainly going to be printing some off and adding my own touches to them. I've seen some lovely valentines cards out this year and I often make my own, but these ones are just great! "Darn it! You gotta be my valentine!" Lovely.

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  1. Thanks for the link to Vintage Holiday Crafts! I hope you enjoy playing with the valentines. :-)

  2. that strawberry bento is so cute! And thanks for the link to the valentines... I'll be using a few of those this year!



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